Overall we had 81 participants in 35 categories, including four 'Judo Knowledge' divisions that has not been in place since 2015.

Representation from six Yukon clubs was shown by Faro Judo club, Golden Horn Judo, Hiroshikai Judo (Carcross), Marsh Lake Judo, Northern Lights Judo (Whitehorse) and Shiroumakai Judo (Whitehorse).

The next Judo Yukon event will be the Northern Lights shiai planed for January 20th 2024 at Elijah Smith Elementary school gymnasium. 

Doors should open at 10 with the first match by 11am.

A huge thank you goes out to all the volunteers who make these events possible:


Alex Spinks, Bernard Briggs,  Michael Bellon,  Robert Bellon, Jaymi Hinchey, Lia Hinchey, Dan Poelman, Chris Saunders, Huxley Briggs,  Jason Basnett,  Liam Gishler,  Aaron Jensen, Leah Mclean.

Also Thanks to Beverly James, and the Carcross Recreation board for their continued support.

Parent volunteers:

 Rob and Tonja Hinchey, Brooke Davis, Isabelle Corriveau, Megan Anderson..

Forgive me if I missed someone,  as I'm sure I did.

Aaron Jensen 
Judo Yukon Vice President, 
Tournament Coordinator 

Tournament Results

35 divisions, 81 participants


(HIR) = Hiroshikai Judo (Carcross), (NLJ)= Northern Lights judo (Whitehorse), (GHJ)= Golden Horn judo, (SHK)= Shiroumakai judo (Whitehorse).
(NW)= Newaza  (ground work), (TW)= Tachiwaza(Standing fighting)


U8 Mixed Knowledge

1st: Amber Belling (Faro)
2nd: Eli Magill-Hyde (NLJ)
3rd: Seirra Robinson-Brown (HIR)

U10 Mixed Knowledge

1st: Laila Knopp-Cullen (SHK)
2nd: Bridget Sheridan (SHK)
3rd: Max Davis (SHK)
3rd: Lainie Richardson (SHK)

U12 Mixed Knowledge

1st: Phillipe Lefabvre (SHK)
2nd: Ryan Lariviere (NLJ)
3rd: Odyn Johnson (GHJ)
3rd: Summer Robinson-Brown (HIR)

U14+ Mixed Knowledge

1st: Alex Lariviere (NLJ)
2nd: Kippen Briggs (SHK)
3rd: Granite Davis (HIR)
3rd: Laurick Correveau (HIR)

U8 NW Mixed -26kg

1st: Beirro, Laszlo (SHK)
2nd: Johnson, Griffen (GH)
Potter, Mason (NL)
Ristau, Charlie (HK)

U8 NW Mixed -21Kg

1st: Davis, Max (SHK)
2nd: McGill-Hyde, Eli (NL)
3rd: Quirke, Alma (SHK)

Caudle, Blaise
Ristau, Sophia (HK)

U8 NW Mixed -22kg

1st: Lefebvre, Benedict (SHK)
2nd: Dory, Joshua (SHK)
3rd: Robertson-Brown, Seirra (HK)

Belling, Amber (Faro)

U10 TW Male -31kg

1st: Roberston-Brown, Salem (HK)
2nd: MacGillvray, Odin (GH)

U10 TW Male -45kg

1st: Ackland, Kingley (HK)
2nd: Callahan, Clark (GH)

U10 TW Female -28kg

1st: Knopp Culen, Laila (SHK)
2nd: Richardson, Lainie (SHK)
3rd:  Sheridan, Bridget (SHK)

U10 NW Mixed -45kg

1st: Ackland, Kingley (HK)
2nd: Johnson, Nealla (GH)
3rd: Ristau, Hudson (HK)

U10 NW Mixed -25kg

1st: Bardin, Louis (NL)
2nd: Dory, Lucy-Jane (SHK)
3rd: Fetterly-Kruse, Ian (Faro)

U10 NW Mixed -31kg

1st: Joe, Forest (Faro)
2nd: Caudie, Catherine
3rd: Roberston-Brown, Salem (HK)

U10 NW Mixed

1st: Joe, Field (Faro)
2nd: Nyland, Hunter (Faro)
3rd: Mationg, Zxiahn (SHK)

Barnes, Forest (GH)

U10 NW Mixed -30kg

1st:  Sheridan, Bridget (SHK)
2nd: Calnan, Leo (SHK)
3rd: Bellencourt, Maxime (HK)

 U10 NW Mixed -31kg

1st: Knopp Culen, Laila (SHK)
2nd: Mackeigun, Ava (HK)
3rd:  Nielsen, Liam (NL)

U10 TW Male -25kg

1st: Barnes, Forest (GH)
Mationg, Zxiahn (SHK)

U12 NW Male Open

1st: Lefabvre, Philippe (SHK)
2nd: MacGillvray, Odin (GH)
3rd: Callahan, Clark (GH)

U12 TW Male -33kg

1st: Lefabvre, Philippe (SHK)
2nd:  Berger, Luca (GH)

U12 TW Male -50kg

1st:  Yeomans, Thompson (GH)
2nd: Johnson, Odyn (GH)

U12 NW Female -35kg

1st: Belling, Kelsey (Faro)
2nd: Wilcox, Ava (SHK)
3rd: Fetterly-Kruse, Ivy (Faro)

Carlick, Mia (GH)

U12 NW Female

1st: Wilcox, Ava (SHK)
2nd: Barnes, Aurora (GH)
3rd: Carlick, Mia (GH)

Creamer, Julia (GH)

U12 TW Female

1st: Pacaud, Marianna (Marsh Lake)
2nd: Robinson-Brown, Summer (HK)

U12 NW

1st: Johnson, Odyn (GH)
2nd: Zealand, Angus (NL)
3rd: Lariviere, Ryan (NL)

Robinson-Brown, Summer (HK)

U12 TW Female -29kg

1st: Wilcox, Ava (SHK)
2nd: Creamer, Julia (GH)
3rd: Barnes, Aurora (GH)

Carlick, Mia (GH)

U14 NW Male -39kg

1st: Briggs, Kippen (SHK)
2nd: Dion, David (Faro)
3rd: Stehelin, Marek (SHK)

Lariviere, Alex (NL)

U14 NW Male +39kg

1st: Hodgeson, Rowan (SHK)
2nd: Lojang, John (HK)

U14 TW Male Novice -40kg

1st: Callahan, William (GH)
2nd: Stehelin, Marek (SHK)
3rd: Calnan, Felix (SHK)

U14 TW Male Intermediate -40kg

1st: Briggs, Kippen (SHK)
2nd: Creamer, Arthur (GH)

U14 TW Male -51kg

1st: Hodgeson, Rowan (SHK)
Lojang, John (HK)

U14 NW Female

1st: Corriveau, Lianna (HK)
2nd: Davis, Ysabeau (SHK)
3rd: Wilcox, Adalynn (SHK)

U14 TW Female -40kg

1st: Belling, Kelsey (Faro )
2nd: Wilcox, Adalynn (SHK)
3rd: Johnson, Nealla (GH)

U14 TW Female -46kg

1st: Oleshak, Maxime (SHK)
2nd: Davis, Ysabeau (SHK)


U16 TW Female -57kg

1st: Oleshak, Maxime (SHK)
2nd: Pacaud, Elyse-Anne (Marsh Lake)

Vilches, Emilio

U18 Novice -67kg

1st: Corriveau, Laurick (HK)
2nd: Davis, Granite (HK)
3rd: Oleshak, Jacob (SHK)
Stehelin, Maximus (SHK)

U21 Male

1st: Gishler, Liam (SHK)
2nd: Basnett, Eban (SHK)
3rd: Lojang, Ben (HK)