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'Yukon Regional Training Centre'


-Shiroumakai Judo,       -Elite Jiu Jitsu,     -Crow 63 Muay Thai,
-Wolverines Wrestling
Administrator :Aaron Jensen(c867-333-9500)
Location: 123 Copper Road 

Class Times:




Kids 5-8 years of age (Little Ninja's) Wednesday 3:45-5 and Saturdays 10:30-11:30

Kids 8-13 years of age (all skill levels) Monday & Thursday 3:45-5


Competition Development program (ages-2005 -2009) - Potential 2023 Canada Winter Games team

Tuesday and Thursday 7-8:15

-The intent is to focus on existing (min yellow belt+) judoka that are wanting to "train to compete"...

The ages are not set in stone, yet we want a Like minded group of participants that are able to learn and train more than beginner judo. 

 The YRTC, funded by Judo Yukon, will also be implementing extra training opportunities for this age group (along with other older competitors) specific for competition preparation for those athlete's that sign on to be part of Judo Yukon's High performance team. A Saturday team training session is planned for mid October for example, as well as athletic abilities testing/ recording + circuit training to be available also.

More info to come at a later date...

Adult Rec./ Judo for life Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-9:45

Anyone  13yrs and up that want to participate and learn traditional Kodokan Judo combined with current IJF competition sport judo, or simply want to get an excellent full body workout.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:

Kids BJJ (5-12 years of age) Monday & Thursday 5:45-6:45

Adult Fundamentals (intro to BJJ for newbies) Monday 7-8:15 and Wednesday 7:30-8:30

Adult Advanced (Blue belt and up) Monday 8:15-10 and Wednesday 8:30-10

Combined 'open mat' (for all BJJ members *by appointment only*) Fridays 7:30-9:30*

*Fridays will be confirmed by instructor at the end of the Wednesdays beforehand.


Muay Thai / Kickboxing:

Kids Kickboxing (6-12 years of age) Tuesday and Friday 3:45-5

Adult Muay Thai Tuesday and Friday 5:15-6:45/7:15



Starting October 5th Wednesday 5:15-7:15 and Sundays 6:30-8:30. Focus on developing AWG team for February 2023, as well as NAIG summer 2023. Ages determined by instructor and specific event technical packages.


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