Judo Yukon is the sport governing body for Kodokan judo in the Yukon, Canada. Judo Yukon is in place to support Kodokan judo in all areas of the Yukon Territory. We are responsible for doing funding applications for clubs located in the territory, representing the territory in national competitions and educating individuals about Judo and promoting Judo as a whole for the territory. Judo Yukon is a member of Judo Canada, Sport Yukon, True Sport, and Sports Officials Canada.'

As of September 2021, Judo Yukon recognizes the following judo clubs (JC):
1) Shiroumakai Judo, Whitehorse,
2) Golden Horn JC, Whitehorse,
3) Northern Lights JC, Whitehorse,
4) Hiroshikai Judo, Carcross,
5) Carmacks JC, Carmacks
6) Ross River JC, Ross River,
7) Marsh Lake JC, Marsh Lake
8) Faro JC, Faro
Judo Yukon also offer programs and sanctioned events in Yukon communities.
Judo Yukon is a member of Sport Yukon and Judo Canada, which is recognized by the International Judo Federation as the governing body of Judo in Canada.