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UPDATE 26 June 2021: The city has emailed us a 2nd draft schedule. I am waiting a respond on final draft soon. Northern Lights Judo Club will instead plan for the next season starting mid September 2021. Stay safe, stay active and hope to see you on the mats again.

Northern Lights Judo Club (NLJ)

Sensei: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (c867-334-3137) with coaches Robert Bellon, Jacob Melanson and Tasha Kilpatrick.
Location:  Elijah Smith Elementary (ESE) 

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UPDATE 13 Apr 2021:

Dear judokas, 

Our senior club Shiroumakai continue to practice since March with a few judokas in their bubbles.

Unfortunately, Northern Lights Judo Club could not start (unable to have coaches out on the mats for many different reasons) so instead we hope to start our programs in September, 2021.

Stay safe, stay active and hope to see you on the mats soon.

Thank you,


UPDATE 15 Feb 2021:

Dear judokas, 

We recently received our fobs to allow entry to Elijah Smith School.

Our schedule is Wednesday and Friday. We still need to determine our time with our senior club Shiroumakai from 530pm to 930pm.

We’re in process of renewing our insurance. We also need to test our COVID guidelines and determine if the policy is in accordance with Yukon Government and Judo Canada. Coaches and some senior judokas will do this testing.

So at this point, we are still NOT open to the public.

Thanks for your understanding and patience,


UPDATE 10 Jan 2021:

Dear judokas, 

Just before Christmas, we received an email on decisions made from the Department of Education, and the City of Whitehorse through the Joint Use Bookings office that user groups will receive their schedule for the school.

Although we were granted the same venue, however we did not receive the requested schedule of Monday and Wednesday.

Instead, we received schedule of Wednesday and Friday.

And the schedule was issued to both clubs so we need to share the space and mats with our senior club Shiroumakai from 530pm to 930pm on Wed and Fri. Although, Shiroumakai has secured another venue but it requires preparation which will take some significant time.

The schedules among other challenges will be discussed at next meeting.  

Thanks for your understanding and patience,


UPDATE 20 Oct 2020:

Recent email message from the booking office:
Dear School Administrators and School User Groups,

As we wait for decisions from the Department of Education, Joint Use Bookings outside school hours will be delayed, with an anticipated start of November 23.  This means that school facilities will be closed after hours at this time, and the booking office will not be able to schedule or confirm any use until the end of October.

This will also apply to any school swims and skates at the Canada Games Centre.  The Department of Education and the City of Whitehorse realize the importance of recreation & community services, and are working hard to establish a safe plan within the COVID-19 guidelines for the territory.  

NEWS as of 31 Aug 2020: